Technical Contributor Opportunities

Many ways to help your peers

As a volunteer-driven organization, ICML offers several opportunities for members and non-members alike to impact directly the pursuit of our mission. ICML is organized into standing committees of technical contributors who focus on one or more strategic initiatives. As new initiatives arise, interested and qualified individuals will rally into new committees. Our current committees include:

Test Development

Help keep our certification exams current, accurate, and relevant by researching, preparing, reviewing, and rewriting test questions that are based on resources within our board-approved bodies of knowledge (BoK).

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Help guide the board’s long-term strategy for expansion of ICML’s products and services, and facilitate the marketing manager’s strategic and tactical programs aimed at reaching multiple, overlapping audiences while strengthening ICML’s worldwide brand.


Give due consideration to ICML’s role in the promotion, adoption, and/or establishment of professional ethics within lubrication industry practices. Foster industry development through thought leadership.


Leverage your expertise and professional connections to help make ICML membership attractive, practical, and achievable by contributing to the planning & development of membership levels, categories, goals, priorities, and rights/benefits programs. This committee also reviews membership applications.

Recognition of Excellence

Help promote and solicit submissions for the annual Gill and Battle awards, and oversee the review and selection of winners. Facilitate the proposal and implementation of other public recognition programs for members, partners, technical contributors, etc.

Sponsorship and Outreach

Identify and help secure mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded organizations. Use your connections to open doors that lead to suitable agreements for event sponsorships, conference presentations, membership discounts, educational programs, etc.

These committees are generally chaired by ICML board members, who regularly seek qualified experts to participate. And while some committees are populated by invitation only, certain ICML membership levels do include the obligation to nominate one or more representatives to committee seats. Before active participation can commence, the ICML board must first approve any such nominees.

You may contact us any time to submit your name for committee role consideration, or you can specify your committee preferences when submitting an application for full membership.