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by admin, May 1, 2024 | Are you ready to elevate your lubrication management to unprecedented levels of excellence—and to get recognized for it?

We are delighted to partner with ABS Quality Evaluations Inc. (ABS QE) to introduce our innovative ICML 55® Corporate Lubrication Certification Program. This new program is meticulously crafted to empower your team, suppliers and industry professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve unparalleled reliability and efficiency in machinery lubrication.

Corporate certification offers the best possible goal for any organization that spends time and resources applying the ICML 55 Standard to its lubrication management system (LMS). With ABS QE on our team, the corporate-level audit will give meaning and purpose to all your efforts by proving compliance to the ICML 55.1 “Requirements” Standard and recognizing your LMS achievements.

This exciting program will roll out by Q4 this year alongside the ICML 55.3 “Assessors’ Conformance Guideline,” which is the standard that internal assessors will use as they prepare their organizations for ABS QE audits. 

If you think your company may want to apply for the ICML 55 corporate certification program and eventually fly the proverbial ICML 55 compliance flag, then join our notification list here. We will keep you informed of any noteworthy changes to the anticipated Q4 rollout.