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ICML is excited to be a Gold Sponsor of this year’s Lubrication & Reliability Virtual Summit  (LRVS) that will be held online September 21-23, 2022. We proposed a panel discussion for this conference that would feature representatives from three of our member companies sharing their experiences as Machinery Lubrication Engineers (MLE)® and, thankfully, the conference organizers accepted our submission!

The full title is, “What does a Machinery Lubrication Engineer (MLE) actually do in the real world?” Our panelists will include Michael Holloway of 5th Order Industry, Wojiech Majka of Ecol Sp. z o.o., and Rich Wurzbach of MRG Labs. (All three companies are full members of ICML.) Our marketing manager, Paul Hiller, will moderate the discussion, which is scheduled for Day2: Sept. 22 at 4pm Central European Time / 10am Eastern Daylight Time / 7am Pacific. 

Basically, the panel will revolve around this question: “Is the MLE for everybody?” It is easy to wonder whether any single facility actually needs the comprehensive expertise that an MLE offers. In fact, it is easy to wonder whether any single certified MLE ever gets to apply himself in all relevant areas that can be brought to bear. It is also easy for the thousands and thousands of practitioners out in the field to wonder whether the MLE credential “is right for me,” and even if it is attainable at all.

In fact, unless typical lubrication practitioners have some idea of what MLE professionals do all day, they might be inclined never to consider pursuing what could prove to be a life-changing career choice. The more they know about MLE, the more opportunities they might see for application at their own plants, and the more options they might see for their own futures. So, by hosting a panel discussion of experienced MLE practitioners, we hope to pull back the curtain a little bit and help our audience members visualize themselves in the MLE role and get them thinking about what they themselves might be able to accomplish with MLE at their own plants. 

Our panel and other sessions will be available through the conference app that is made available upon conference registration.

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