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by admin, August 23, 2022 | It is with great excitement that we can tell you Part 2 of the ICML 55® Standard is entering its editing phase, and we anticipate that it will be published this December.

“ICML 55.2: Guideline for the Optimized Lubrication of Mechanical Physical Assets” follows on the heels of the ICML 55.1 Requirements Standard (2019).  While ICML 55.1 identifies requirements in 12 interrelated areas that must be addressed when developing a sustainable lubricated asset management program plan, it is the ICML 55.2 Guideline Standard that addresses the implementation of those requirements.

Many companies and practitioners have taken the guesswork out of their lubricated asset management plans by applying the ICML 55.1 Requirements Standard during the past three years. [See this video for an explanation on how to use the ICML 55.1 Standard.] And now ICML 55.2 will make it even easier to implement those requirements into successful plans with confidence and consistency. 

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