by admin, February 25, 2020 | This month ICML introduces digital credential management to make it easier for practitioners to receive and share their professional certifications. These digital versions are replacing the paper certificates that ICML has issued since 2001.

“Our exam candidates work really hard for their credentials, so ICML wants them to receive the rewards of their success even faster with our new digital system,” says our certification manager, Monica Velloso. “They should be proud of their accomplishments just as we are to have them join our certified professionals!”

Digital ICML credentials are now being issued to new certificants, and we are also back-issuing them to those who hold currently active certifications earned in years past. Historically, a candidate who passed one of our certification exams would receive a notification email and, eventually, a printed certificate would arrive through a postal service. Going forward, our notification email will now include a link for the recipient to claim the relevant credential, which will be digitally maintained on the Verifiable platform [switched to Accredible platform starting January, 2021 — editor] 

Verifiable is a customer-facing blockchain platform that enables organizations like ICML to issue digital credentials that are immediately shareable, trustworthy, and universally verifiable. A digital credential is visually adaptive to whatever device is used to view it–smartphone, ipad, or desktop. The credentials are saved on blockchain, creating a tamper-proof, public record that can be independently and efficiently verified to prove authenticity.

Once you receive our notification email containing the Verifiable link, claiming your ICML certificate is simple:

  1. Click on the “Claim my Credential” button to view your credential
  2. Create a password to access your credential 

This notification email also includes a link to a publicly accessible view of your credential with real-time access. From there you can easily share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter with the click of a button. You can even instruct Verifiable to place the certification directly into your LinkedIn profile.

With the Verifiable platform, our certified practitioners can better connect to career opportunities with instantly deliverable proof of exam success and/or certification status, while employers can simply validate credentials during the hiring process.

And, for those who still want something physical to hang in the office or shop, there is the option to print a standard 8.5×11 certificate with an impressive, traditional border just like our paper certificates always featured. Although the digital credential on screen does not show this border, the printout certainly will (as shown here), making it suitable for framing.

We hope our certificants are pleased with the new efficiency and ease provided by these digital credentials. Please direct questions or concerns to ICML Certification Manager Monica Velloso.