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by Leslie Fish, March 26, 2020 | As many industries face logistical and economic challenges related to the worldwide covid-19 response, ICML remains committed to helping lubrication practitioners and independent training partners succeed in their professional endeavors.

Many communities have implemented temporary policies that safeguard public health, but which also make it impossible for training organizations to hold physical classes and ICML exam sessions.

ICML is supportive of efforts made by training organizations to move their classes and lectures to virtual platforms. To ensure their class participants can still sit our certification exams in a timely manner, we are also pursuing opportunities with software companies to offer secure, proctored tests online. In this way, we hope to continue serving our candidates and training partners with the same flexibility and accessibility that they have come to expect from ICML over the years.

We appreciate your patience and perseverance during this difficult time as we consider our options for remote testing. Let us know how else we can help.