by admin, May 12, 2020 [updated June 12] | Next month ICML will introduce computer-based certification exams, starting with MLA I and MLT I. Registration and test-taking procedures will differ from those we have traditionally managed for pencil-and-paper exams (which will remain available), so we will publish details of these new procedures as they become finalized.

However, completion of required training hours has become a challenge for candidates since the beginning of covid-19 lockdowns over two months ago, because independent trainers have had to suspend classroom-style training sessions. As a result, lubrication and oil analysis practitioners have been stymied: where and how can they meet training requirements so they can be ready when ICML’s computer-based exams become available?

In response to these immediate needs, several training organizations have focused on developing and/or promoting virtual certification preparation courses. ICML now maintains a central list of independent “training partners” on our exam site. (Training partners are those organizations who have signed ICML’s new trainers code of conduct.*) This table includes searchable parameters, and it will soon include links to training partners’ specific landing pages where users can find information about virtual opportunities.

Until those links are applied to the table, however, we still want to help potential candidates find information about their online courses*, so here are the URLs supplied to us by partners so far:

Additional partners have promised that they will supply us with URLs as they place exam prep landing pages online, so the training partners table will only grow and become more useful. [June 12 UPDATE: the training partners table is now fully linked.]

* CAVEAT EMPTOR: By signing ICML’s “code of conduct,” these training partners have agreed (1) that their certification prep courses align with our relevant bodies of knowledge (BoK), and (2) that these courses are taught by ICML-certified professionals. Still, despite such assurances, ICML is not responsible for the veracity of such claims, and it remains every candidate’s responsibility to perform due diligence before signing up for any training organization’s class, to ensure that the selected class (1) provides suitable BoK content, (2) uses a certified instructor, and (3) comprises sufficient hours to count toward ICML certification prerequisites.