by admin, June 26, 2023 | ICML is pleased to introduce the now completed ICML 55 Standard for lubricated asset management at a presentation during the upcoming 2023 Reliable Plant Conference & Exhibition. As part of the conference’s Asset Management agenda, ICML Board Member and ICML 55.2 Senior Editor Kenneth Bannister of ENGTECH Industries and ICML Executive Director Leslie Fish will co-present a session entitled, “ICML 55.0/.01/.02 — A Walk Through the Complete Standard for Programmatic Management of Lubricated Mechanical Assets.”

This presentation formally releases to the world the complete, three-part ICML 55 Standard that now includes ICML 55.0 and ICML 55.2 alongside the previously published ICML 55.1:2019, in keeping with the ISO structure for world standards.

This presentation will review highlights of the new ICML 55.0 and ICML 55.2 standards and address questions that will help practitioners assess the complete ICML 55 standard in proper context as they consider plans for lubricated asset management that can eventually pass an ICML 55 audit.


abstract for this presentation

After the International Organization for Standardization’s introduction of the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standard in 2014, ICML determined that the standard’s contents were too broad for ready application to the unique considerations of lubricated physical assets. To bridge this gap, ICML responded with its lubrication-specific enabling standard, the ICML 55. Patterned on the ISO 55000 structure and principals, ICML 55 is designed to deliver a “blueprint” for the establishment of a successful, sustainable lubrication management system (LMS), especially within the context of broader asset management plans. The first element of this standard is ICML 55.1, “Requirements for the Optimized Lubrication of Mechanical Physical Assets.” Introduced in 2019, its purpose is to deliver an auditable, comprehensive, tactical framework for organizations to establish, implement, maintain, and improve consistent management of lubrication-related assets in twelve specific interrelated areas.

Ken Bannister and Leslie Fish

11:00AM EST on Tuesday, August 1, 2023: Kenneth Bannister and Leslie Fish will co-present this ICML 55 walk-through at the Reliable Plant Conference in Orlando, FL, USA.

Already highly regarded by practitioners, ICML 55.1 nonetheless was always intended to be applied with its companion standards. And now in 2023 its requirements can be fully realized with the addition of the ICML 55.0 Overview and ICML 55.2 Guideline. But how will they all work together?

The ICML 55.0 is designed to provide an overview of the LMS and processes applicable to the effective management of physical assets related to lubrication, as well as its principles and terminology. ICML 55.2 is designed to be a guideline for the implementation of the requirements set out in ICML 55.1 in practical terms, providing valuable knowledge and guidance on how to implement, maintain, and control an audit-ready, lubricated asset management plan that epitomizes best practice.


Attendees: What’s In It for Them?

  •  Every facility has lubricated assets that must be managed. Every attendee will see or hear something—big or small—in this presentation that applies to machinery back home.
  • Elimination of guesswork, as more organizations seek to treat their lubrication programs as assets rather than liabilities.
  • Attendees can “stand on the shoulders of giants,” effectively and efficiently saving time and money as they align their LMS with business goals and ISO 55000 specs.
  • Attendees considering organizational compliance with the broader ISO 55001 will recognize that applying the lubrication-specific ICML 55.1 and ICML 55.2 will be a helpful and necessary “stepping stone” on such a path.
  • In the end, lubrication excellence provides sustainable machine health, a cleaner environment, and increased profits!

What will attendees learn?

  • How ICML 55 Standard aligns with ISO 55000, and how it aligns with various corporate, asset, and work management systems as an enabling standard for managers of lubricated assets

  • How the new ICML 55.0 Overview sets the stage for understanding and implementing an auditable LMS

  • The twelve interrelated areas of a successful, sustainable, lubricated asset management system

  • How the new ICML 55.2 Guideline builds out from the ICML 55.1 Requirements Standard and how it can be used as a blueprint for the practical application of a best-practice LMS

  • How ICML 55 is ultimately designed to maintain excellence through an auditing component (ICML 55.3)

  • Why every manager of lubricated assets in the mechanized world should give serious attention to the ICML 55 Standard

Scheduled to begin after the conference’s August 1 opening ceremony, this session is aimed at Maintenance & Reliability leaders, asset planners and practitioners at asset-rich facilities who are tasked with the planning, design, implementation, and review of lubrication management activities, including contractual resources, service providers, and advisors.

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