by admin, June 25, 2023 | It has been a few months since our last update, when we reported in March that the ICML 55.2 Standard was in the publisher’s hands for layout and copy editing. The Guideline, of course, is the one that explains how to implement the requirements that are laid out in the ICML 55.1:2019 Standard, Requirements for the Optimized Lubrication of Mechanical Physical Assets.

Earlier this month we sent a status update to everyone who has signed up on our “ICML 55.2 Email Notification List.” (And we encourage you to join this list, too!)

 Here is what we told them:

This is a quick note today to let you know the publisher sent us proofs last week, so we have been reviewing those for corrective action. These proofs include the ICML 55.0 Overview and ICML 55.2 Guideline, as well as the re-formatted ICML 55.1:2019 Requirements. We learned months ago there is nothing quick about this process!

“GOOD NEWS re: PRICING: we have confirmed that a 5% ‘early-adopter’ discount will be extended to everyone on this notification list. Details pending…

We also reminded everyone that any facility with lubricated machinery can still prepare for the ICML 55.2 Guideline by first applying the ICML 55.1 Requirements. Remember: ICML 55.1 spells out what to include in your lubricated asset management plan, while ICML 55.2 will explain how to do it. 

As you look ahead to applying the complete standard to your lubricated asset management efforts, you may find this free video to be helpful: “Making Sense of the ICML 55.1 Standard.” It’s only 20 minutes long but provides good context for understanding the ICML 55 structure.

Also, this recent “Lubrication Explained” podcast (Episode #39: ICML 55.2) addresses the complete ICML 55 set as it relates to program auditability.