Editor’s note: For a short while, this special offer has been extended beyond January 31. Please refer to the eLibrary page to learn about subscription rates and member discounts.

By Paul Hiller, December 11, 2023  |  Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are offering a short-term certification incentive with long-term impact!

FREE eLibrary access > ICML has partnered with River Publishers to establish the new “ICML eLibrary,” featuring content specifically curated to help lubrication practitioners further their knowledge for career advancement, from certification assistance to daily activities. We will share more about the eLibrary in coming weeks, but right now we are providing free one-year subscriptions automatically to every candidate who passes an ICML certification exam *or* who recertifies an ICML credential during November 2023, December 2023, and January 2024.

Yes, it really is that simple: everyone who certifies or recertifies with ICML from now through January 31, 2024, will automatically receive a free, one-year trial subscription to our new eLibrary—a $250 value!

The eLibrary interface will allow subscribers to read, highlight, and take notes while searching thousands of pages of content. With their free access, these early subscribers will have immediate access to digital copies of the complete ICML 55® Standard series, and during the year they will also see the inventory grow with new books, journal articles, and videos covering emerging topics, principles & fundamentals, methods & models, practical guides, and more.

In addition, subscribers can purchase eLibrary books for download at a 15% discount. Yes, 15% off list price for any books—including the complete ICML 55 Standard—all for passing an ICML exam in November, December, or January.

Of course, we also welcome feedback from these new subscribers. We are working closely with River Publishers to expand the catalog on an ongoing basis, so we certainly want to receive recommendations from the user community about what they would find useful there, in all types of media.

With this offer, a timely ICML exam session or recertification is now more valuable than ever! Hurry and take advantage of this free eLibrary offer by recertifying or by scheduling your exam ASAP (in person or online)—as well as your required formal training, if necessary—because the free subscription offer ends after January 31, and you must have been recertified or newly certified by that date to qualify. Once a candidate successfully recertifies or earns ICML certification before that date, then a representative from River Publishers will provide free eLibrary access via email.