Broken Arrow, OK, USA, July 10, 2020 | The International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) is pleased to announce the expansion of its industrial certification exam program into a secure, proctored, online platform. The computer-based exam format is now offered as an alternative to the paper format that ICML has provided to machinery lubrication and oil analysis practitioners since 2001.

Effective today, all levels of ICML’s certification exams—MLA, MLT, LLA, and MLE—are available online in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, with additional languages to be phased in during July. The revised application process allows potential certification candidates to select between online or paper formats. All certification prerequisites, scoring procedures, and exam fees will remain unchanged. Paper exam sessions will remain available.

“As many industries face logistical and economic challenges related to the worldwide covid-19 response, ICML remains committed to helping lubrication practitioners and independent training partners succeed in their professional endeavors,” wrote ICML Executive Director Leslie Fish on March 26, when the nonprofit organization first announced its intentions to pursue online exam delivery.

“Our new computer-based offering streamlines and facilitates the entire exam process, from enrollment to remote test-taking,” promises Rosania Kloss, ICML Operations Manager. “It will prove extremely valuable and time-saving for those candidates who traditionally have struggled to coordinate their busy schedules around specific test dates and times. Imagine having this additional option of convenience without having to travel considerable distances to attend the nearest available paper-and-pencil exam session.”

Development of online exams was already on ICML’s 2020 agenda when COVID-19 restrictions began negatively impacting its global network of independent training providers, who historically have provided formal training for thousands of certification candidates each year. These companies reported that temporary public health policies were making it impossible for them to host physical classes and exam sessions. In response, ICML’s management team prioritized completion of this online exam initiative.

Despite the accelerated timeline from research to launch—roughly four months—ICML has safeguarded the integrity of its high stakes exams in the online format while improving convenience for test-takers. ICML’s criteria included live audio/video proctoring, secure data transmission, integration with existing scoring and recognition programs, and flexible test sites. Specifically, the online exam solution allows test-takers to sit exams prvately at home or office, wherever there is an internet connection, without the need for third-party testing centers.

“Even while COVID-19 restrictions may persist in some countries, this new online solution gets our certification exams back into the field,” says Paul Hiller, ICML Marketing Manager. “Now training companies can resume attracting clients with the promise of ICML exam availability once again.”

In a further nod to security, applicants for online exams will notice two major differences compared to the traditional applications for paper exams:

  1. applicants must provide verifiable confirmation of training hours, and
  2. applications will require payment in advance.

Continuous Improvement for Practitioners

This latest offering continues ICML’s recent string of practical yet tech-savvy implementations to support certified practitioners and their employers. In February, ICML introduced digital credentials, followed by functional enhancements to its real-time certified professionals directory. Additionally, ICML recently posted a filterable table of training partners to help exam candidates find relevant training opportunities.

“It is important that we meet practitioners where they are, and also that we continue to enhance their ‘user experience’ at important touch points in their certified careers,” says Hiller. “While digital credentials and website exposure make it easier to share and confirm certification successes, these computer-based exams now offer candidates a new level of flexibility and control.”

Exam applications may be initiated here.

Direct further inquiries about the exam application process to


The International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) is a vendor-neutral, not-for-profit organization founded in 2001 to serve global industry as the world-class authority on machinery lubrication that advances the optimization of asset reliability, utilization and costs. ICML is an independently chartered organization consisting of both paid professional staff members and volunteer committees. It is a certification body serving industrial lubrication and oil analysis practitioners worldwide; a technical awards body recognizing companies that excel in oil analysis and machinery lubrication programs; and a standards body developing ICML 55 standards for lubricated asset management.

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Please direct media inquiries to Paul Hiller, ICML Marketing Manager,, 918-615-6575.