by admin, August 5, 2020 | As more companies make training courses available online, we have taken this opportunity to clarify the language on all our exam web pages to help with general interpretation of training requirements specified in ISO 18436. We anticipate our updated verbiage will help reduce misunderstandings among trainers and test-takers alike.

For instance, we understand that online training courses–whether live or pre-recorded–may not be able to meet the required number of formal training hours as readily as their in-person counterparts have always done. In response, training providers are finding it necessary to augment their online courses with various exercises or alternate educational activities to meet the minimum hours. The expanded verbiage on our exam pages does not introduce any new requirements but merely seeks to provide guidance regarding the type and implementation of such additional activities.

Remember, it is always the candidate’s responsibility to vet a training provider’s class for suitability in meeting our exam prerequisites. We recommend every candidate request a course syllabus or agenda in advance from any training provider under consideration, in order to determine whether the number of hours is sufficient and also whether the course content is relevant to the exam’s body of knowledge. Additionally, the instructor(s) must be certified at the current or higher level of the credential being covered by the course material. Several dozen training providers have signed an agreement with ICML that offers assurance of such compliance; these providers are identified as our “Training Partners.”

Be sure to review our clarifying verbiage about online training content on our exam pages and address your questions to Rosania at