UPDATE: The change to LLA II requirements described below was reversed on September 1, 2020. The “mature clause” has been reinstated to allow prior work experience as a substitute for LLA Level 1 prerequisite.


by admin, August 5, 2020 | In January, we implemented an ISO-driven change to our MLA II prerequisites that would have an impact on test-takers as well as independent training providers. Now–effective immediately–we must similarly amend our LLA II requirements so as to maintain compliance with Section 5.4.1 of the current ISO 18436-5 standard, which requires that “classification to category II…requires previous classification to the lower category.” The ISO standard no longer allows for an experience-based alternative to this requirement. Accordingly, for purposes of qualifying LLA II exam candidates, ICML can no longer accept “36 months of experience” as an alternative to LLA I certification.

Simply put, this means that all future LLA II recipients must already hold LLA I certification first. This compliance update is only applicable going forward; it has no retroactive impact on those who have previously earned LLA II.

ICML has updated its exam web pages to reflect this ISO change to LLA II requirements, and we are glad for the opportunity to maintain compliance. We look forward to working with our candidates and independent training providers to ensure a smooth transition as we start implementing this change in August.