by admin, December 15, 2022 | As many readers know, we have been developing Part 2 of the ICML 55® Standard for some time. This is the “Guideline” part of ICML 55 that will guide implementation of requirements that were laid out in ICML 55.1.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the editing phase takes longer than expected, so a month ago we sent a status update to everyone who had signed up on our “ICML 55.2 Email Notification List.”

Here is what we told them:

“Great progress has been made this summer. As of now (November 17, 2022), most of the expanded content has been written by a team of contributors who are recognized as experts in their respective areas. All their chapters correlate to the Twelve Interrelated Lubrication Program Plan Areas that were introduced in the ICML 55.1 Requirements Standard (2019). Their submissions are currently undergoing an editing process, to be followed by peer review before year end. Graphics will be developed concurrently, and then everything will be handed over to the publisher. This all means we now estimate that ICML 55.2 will be ready for distribution in early 2023. Please note that the ICML 55.2 pricing structure is still unknown. We will share more about pricing as we get those details hammered out.”

Meanwhile, if you have not already done so, your facility can prepare for the ICML 55.2 Guideline by first applying the ICML 55.1 Requirements Standard, which remains available for purchase as an individual standard. Remember: ICML 55.1 spells out what to include in your lubricated asset management plan, while ICML 55.2 will explain how to do it.